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A huge mistake has been made

I am a parent of one of the children who was in Keran’s care on the day this happened.

I arrived shortly after the ambulance had left after receiving a call from Keran, who was extremely distressed and told me Mauve had had a fit, she had called an ambulance and asked me to come and pick up my son.

When I arrived my son was happily playing, if Keran had done anything to Maeve on that day my son would have been able to tell me as he was 3 almost 4 years old, he wouldn’t have been happily playing if he’d witness Keran shaking Maeve he would have been upset and would have told me what happened. When we left he told me Maeve wasn’t well and an ambulance came.

How do I tell my son, who is now 6 that Keran is in prison, Kerans only crime is one of compassion, caring for others too much.

Another miscarriage of justice, another innocent woman, our beloved Keran in prison.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all x


Why would she snap?

Keran was my childminder for four years as she lovingly nurtured my son from the age of one to five and half. If you know Keran, you will know that she is an absolute natural with children. They adore her.

My son loves Keran to pieces. His world was shattered today when I had to tell him that beloved Keran is now in prison for something an eight year old understands she didn’t do.

Why does he understand this? Because he was at the house for one of Maeve’s fits and he can recount what happened.

The police never questioned him.

I am blessed to have a close relationship with my son and he talks to me about everything. Not once in four years did Keran ever lose her temper with him or any other child whilst he was there, even when he left a trail of faeces from the bottom of her staircase to the top!

The day Maeve had her final fit Keran did have three little witnesses, again not spoken to by the police. One of these children re-enacted on her dolls in the days after the incident what she had witnessed Keran do to baby Maeve.

Was this shaking in a fit of temper?

No, mouth to mouth resuscitation.

These same three children can be heard on the 999 call playing. If they had just witnessed their childminder shake a baby so violently, would they not be screaming in fear?

My daughter is fifteen months old and I was asked in court would I let Keran look after my daughter. My response was yes I would.

The prosecution say that this is because I did not understand the medical evidence. No I am not medically trained, but I understand the cases that have gone before and still we are here with another miscarriage of justice.

Why would she snap? She didn’t……She wouldn’t…….


A Parent

Keran was my childminder for almost four years ( 3yrs 10mths ) looking after my son from the age of 1yr 10 months to 5 years and 8 months.

Previously to Keran looking after my son I had terminated two previous child care contracts, one after 10 months and the second after 8. On both occasions I had become unsatisfied with the level of care being provided and decided to look elsewhere.

I remember the first time I contacted Keran you could hear all the children enjoying themselves in the background. Keran was laughing as she had them all playing a game together and sounded like she was enjoying herself as much as the kids.

Unfortunately Keran did not have a vacancy at the time but asked me to call back after Easter. For the next two weeks I visited several other childminders and a nursery, but still hoped that Keran might get a vacancy just based on our telephone conversation.

I called Keran after Easter and arranged to meet her. Keran’s house was very homely and we met her husband and children. At this time Keran had been childminding for a year and came across as very competent and organised. I also liked the fact she had strong family values, like roast dinner on a Sunday.

Keran started looking after my son from May and they bonded immediately.

Over the next four years Keran guided me through various milestones in my sons life including potty training and picking schools. She also formed a fantastic relationship with my son and he loves her dearly. Their relationship was so close that on one occasion he got a splinter at home but asked to go to Kerans so she could get it out. I guess some parents might have found that upsetting but I found it reassuring that he was happy and trusted Keran. (First aid and my son are not my strong point)

I have worked full time since my son was 3 months old as my job would not be kept open for any longer, so having a childminder that my son trusted as much as I did was unbelievably comforting. The piece of mind to drop your son off in the morning and be 110% happy that he is in safe hands is very difficult to achieve but really assists with the strain of being a full time working parent when you do.

Two weeks at home with Mum was always long enough for him as well, he would always be ready to go back to playing with his friends and the Rescue Heroes.

The only thing that concerned me was the accent he was developing…….

When I saw the news last week I was absolutely devastated to see the accusations being made against Keran and I am frustrated that I cannot get across how strongly I feel about the in justice that is occurring.

Due to the press disclosing Kerans details last week I felt it necessary to tell my son that he might see Kerans name on the television as she had been accused of hurting baby Maeve. He looked at me absolutely shocked and said “But that’s so wrong mummy” which broke my heart. He went away and about 10 minutes later came back and with some indignation said “I thought the police where really good but they are rubbish!”

He so simply summed up how I was feeling, but also the frustration sets in again, because how does someone that deserves to be rewarded for the time she gives to the local children and community end up accused of such a crime………………………


Would like to think I'm helping??

When I decided to go back to work it was a very tough decision. Things with my marriage were pretty rocky but I needed to go back for financial reasons (and sanity reasons!). Finding childcare is a tough, tough decision. I met several childminders before I met Keran but for whatever reason I couldn't commit to them - then I met Keran. I loved her no-nonsense attitude. She cooked "proper" meals, she played games with them, they had fresh air and most importantly there was a lot of laughter in the house. There was no reason for me to doubt that she could look after my daughter (11 months at the time). So I went to work........

My daughter is very precious to me and I trusted Keran (I still do) and my daughter thrived in her care. Keran saw my daughter stand on her feet and take those few tentative first steps. She fed her nutritious meals and most importantly she cared.

When my own personal life turned upside down Keran was one of the only "rocks" that I could depend on. If I needed her to look after my daughter I knew I could rely on her. And when my marriage broke down (my daughter had been with Keran for well over a year by this point) and at times when I couldn't cope I knew Keran would be there (for both me and my daughter). At a horrible rocky insecure time the only "stable" thing in my life was Keran's support (and her husband) for my daughter and I cannot thank her enough.

What happened that dreadful day last year is no reflection on Keran - she is hardworking, sensitive, supportive and loving. Not only am I distraught for Keran and her family, but I am distressed for all the other families missing out on a fantastic carer who cares!

My one wish?

For their nightmare to end............


How did it get this far?

Keran has been a great friend to me as well as a carer for my son. Keran is a very special person, a real live Mary Poppins.

I first met Keran when our eldest children went to school together. I have 3 children and at the time worked from home running a building company with my Husband and needed a part time childminder. The moment I met Keran and visited her house I knew she was the person to look after my youngest son, he was only 5 months old but I knew Keran would take good care of him.

Keran looked after my son Liam for almost 4 years, he loved her and she loved him, he was always really excited going to Keran's house while Mummy was working and I in turn was grateful in the thought he was happy. Keran and Iain took Liam into their hearts and home for that I am eternally grateful.

When my marriage started to break down early in 2004, Keran and Iain were there for me and my children helping out where they could. I cannot believe the sad event which happened, has ended up with the best childminder ever being accused of something so awful, I know with all my heart Keran is innocent.

I no longer live in Iver Heath but my thoughts and prayers are always with Keran, Iain, Cameron and Jamie justice will prevail.


What can I say about Keran - she is amazing.  She is such a wonderful person and friend.
I helped most Thursdays whilst Keran was in charge of Beavers.  The fun times we shared working with the children and I must say it was a pleasure to work along side Keran.  She truly loved and cared for the children as if they were her own.  At the show we put on for the parents you could see how proud Keran was of all the children who perfomed.  
Keran is someone who I would not even hesitate calling to ask her to look after my child.  She is the perfect childminder, consciencious and caring, kind and couldnt ask for more.
I cannot believe what has happened and felt sick inside when I first heard that I would not be working along side my friend "Rabbit" at Beavers.
I can't even begin to imagine what Keran, Iain, their children and family must be going through.  I admire them all from the bottom of my heart.
It is a great shame that I did not meet Keran and her family sooner in life, Keran is the kind of person whom I would have loved to grow up with through school life as friends.
Well Keran and family, walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye, you have done nothing wrong.  Keep caring the way you do, keep being you and keep smiling, were right behind you all.
I would like to add that I would gladly give a statement in the court should I need to.
Thinking of you all.