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Keran the Carer

I have known my wife, Keran, over 25 years, since we went to the same school and after we both used to share the bus ride to college. Don’t tell her but I had secretly fancied her at School, but being the shy retiring sort I was (I know – times change), I never got round to asking her out (too busy playing football).

Anyway after a few years I joined the RAF and did my time for Queen and Country. During this period we wrote to each other regularly. Our friendship grew and grew. By the time I left the RAF we were officially ‘stepping out’ together. As I stepped out the RAF back into Civvie Street we were engaged and making plans to move to the south. I joined the Police and served as a Police Officer until recently.

We have lived in the South Bucks area all the time, our first child was born in George Green, and our second came along when we moved to Iver Heath. They are both our pride and joy and are growing into bright young children.

When our eldest reached the age of six he joined the local Beaver Scout group, and after a period of time the leader wanted to step down and was on the hunt for a new leader. Initially I was asked but with shift work it wasn’t really an option. But Keran didn’t have that excuse, she tried the well women can’t do it, Scouts is a ‘boy thing’.

But as with a lot of ‘Scouter’s’ she was eventually press ganged into it, the usual saying being, ‘it’s only an hour a week’!! Well maybe the sessions last an hour but all the preparation, purchasing, letter writing and phone calls she made amount to a bit more than that. But she threw herself into it with gusto, attending the numerous training weekends and meetings.

The Beaver section started to grow from strength to strength, the Scout group eventually roped myself and two other dads into running the Cubs between us (after the Cub Leader stepped down). Beavers was becoming so popular Keran, or Rabbit (those that know her knows she can – ‘rabbit’ that is), even ran sessions back to back, so rather than just one group, to make sure all those on the waiting list didn’t wait too long. She started a second session for the older Beaver Scouts.

Which meant more children had access to ‘Fun and Friends’, the Beavers motto. Her hard work has seen the Group grow to the success we have now. Cubs are full to bursting and Scouts too are at a very healthy level, many of the Scouts are all ex Beavers of ‘Rabbits’.

She has also helped to organise so many fund raising events, with the help of all the supporters of the group, earning the group many thousands of pounds. But more importantly nothing has brought her as much happiness as seeing the Boys develop into bright young Beavers, and go onto greater challenges with Cubs and Scouts.

Apart from spending her free time running the Beaver Scouts she also helped with the local drama group, assisting with the running of the junior section. She also passed the County Test to drive the minibus, so she could drive the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts around as well as the local School children if asked. Keran’s life over the past 12 years has been focused all around children.

Even her job over 7 years or so was that of a Childminder. Keran is such a caring, loving person, and that love is shared around with friends and family, her precious children, and those in her care. We are very rarely, a quiet-house, with children coming and going, and joining us on our ‘Henderson Hikes’ around the local area.

I am not going to go into all the nightmare that has befallen us over the last 14 Months or so, as hopefully we will get a time and a place to totally rubbish the allegation laid at our door. But even from the early days Keran was just so concerned that how the system can attack people (Childminders, Carers) take away their lively-hood, their fun activities (Beavers, etc) and even intrude into their personal life’s with the likes of Social Services (with their history of breaking up families). She has been determined that when this finishes that she (we) will do something.

Keran still cares, even after what she has been through. To me that shows what sort of person she is and I cannot believe how the ‘system’ using their opinions can attack and punish without trial. My faith in so many things has been completely shattered.

But my faith in one thing remains as solid as a rock.

Keran, I love you, I believe in you a thousand percent, you are what has brought me the ultimate happiness and two fit and healthy boys. You keep me strong, you stand by me and I will stand by you, for better or worse.

Even as we have been to the lowest darkest places we have ever been, what we have taken away are still positives. We know who are friends are now, we know we will change things to make it better for others who come after us into this nightmare place. We know only a stronger love, we know that the simple things are often the most important, we know we have two very special boys.
I know we will come through stronger and tougher.

I know this because I know you, I know this because I love you with all my heart.

Your husband,

Iain xxx