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•Keran is so nice I know everyone is missing her a terribly lot! I have a lot of support in me but I just can’t show it much!

I hope the Henderson family get through it alright. I loved it when I walking to school and Keran said hello to everyone and was always happy and joyful!

•To the best mum in the world we care for you always lots of ribbons in village the phone does not stop ringing every body is missing you.
I miss you as well

Love Jamie

•We want to say WE LOVE YOU KERAN, your the best and we want you to look after us again.  It's more fun to stay with you than it is to stay with gran. Love you lots Jade & Jessie 

•Dear Keran, I’m sorry you are in prison, I know you didn’t hurt Maeve. Thank you for looking after me, I miss you. Lots of love Liam xxx

•Hello Keran when mummy was very sick in hospital with our new baby sister coming. i was very frighten. daddy had to help mummy and go to work. you made some fresh pie peas and mash, you made me happy love Ellie

•I didn't like your dinner much when i stayed with you (sorry) as i only liked chicken nuggets then. you are a great lady and made my time so much fun i felt better, i had great fun at Beavers and funny that my little sister Ellie stayed too.

•I love you day says little Flori

•I miss you loads I can’t bear you being in there we all miss you so much. All my friends at school know you’re innocent because I have been talking about you so much. Mum and Sandra, Karen and Trudy (Tommy’s mum) have been putting posters and ribbons up everywhere and everyone on the bus have been wearing little yellow ribbons to commemorate you, we all miss you so much. lots of love x x x BEN x x x

•Keran you are really lovely and caring. Thanks so much for teaching me lots of new things at beavers and you are always nice to me and always will be xEvanx!!!!!!!!!

•Keran your a truly wonderful person we all know that you didn't do it. All my prayers and wishes are with you sarah x

•I asked my mum what the poster was about in her car , when she told me what people were saying I could not believe it, you are a very kind lady and very funny, I remember you when I was at beavers and I had lots of fun. love george x

Dear Keran Hope you are all alright. I miss your bug ice-cream.Hull are going up. love from Lewis

•I do not believe you had did nothing wrong. I am on your side. Jamie

• When I was a little boy I went to Kerans and we all had fun. One of the things was that Keran let us watch movies. Keran took us to the park when it was sunny. When we were good we got bug ice cream for pudding. I had lots of friends at Kerans and I miss Keran. I wish I could still go to her house to play.

Love Lewis xxx

• I love you mum and hope we all get through this which i know we will. We've had a rough time but this website shows all your friends supporting you. I hope we get through this fast because I feel like this is never going to end. I hope you get to read this love cameron. xxx

• You've been fun at Beavers and you taught us about lots of stuff. You are nice. X Luke

•keran you are a lovely lady. Bradley

•Thankyou for letting me come round, you are a very funny and kind mum. Thanks for my dinners. It`s not fair you know! Denholm

•you have been realy nice to me and everyone you know xxxx

•Thankyou for letting me come round to see cameron. you are a very funny and kind mum. Thanks for my dinners. It`s not fair you know!

•Thanks for looking after me and taking me on the hikes they were fun x Tommy x