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On Tuesday 13th November 2007 a jury at Reading Crown Court found Keran guilty by a majority verdict and the judge sentenced her to 3 years imprisonment for which she has served 18 months. We all KNOW this is the wrong verdict and we will not stop until she has been freed. Please email your messages and words of support to us at

In One Year.....

Click here to read about all of the things Keran has missed out on in the last year .


Carers 4 Carers Statement

We are very disappointed to learn today that Keran’s appeal has been dismissed by the court of appeal.   Carers 4 Carers continues to support Keran and her family during this time and in the future.

Keran and the family are devastated by today’s judgement but not surprised. The past fives years have been based totally on unproven medical opinions.  Keran  and her family would like to thank all the people who have supported them through this five year ordeal.  Those that know Mrs Henderson personally know the truth.

The appeal judges advised that “Every effort has been made to explore every available avenue in an understandable attempt to undermine the safety of the jury’s verdict. We describe the attempts as understandable because there remains the unsolved mystery of how so admired a childminder as the appellant should have been responsible for the use of excessive force, even momentarily when handling a baby”



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